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Specifically  for the Independent Insurance Agency
At Simms Consulting, our focus is the Independent Insurance Agency.

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Agency Accounting:

Agency Accounting Terminology

Understanding Agency Bill Vs. Direct Bill


Top 30 Things to Love About AMS360

Do's and Don'ts for Migrating to AMS360

Updated for version 3--
Using Dec Page in AMS360-Tips for Effective Navigation

Cross-Selling and CSR Workflow:

Cross Sell Idea Sheet

AfW Tips:

Moving Around in AfW

Links to Training And Web Based Seminars:

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Think about your agency management system and technology investment and ask these questions:

  1. Are you getting a good Return on Investment from your AfW or AMS360 system? 
  2. Is your ROI in line with the investment you have made?

If you can answer Yes!, then your agency deserves kudos for taking advantage of the efficiencies a good automation program brings.  If you answer was No to either question, or you just aren't sure, then a small investment in training is likely to yield a big result in value for your agency.

We assist insurance agencies with their AMS360 and AfW software, including:

  • Training on Policy Workflow and Procedure
  • Training on Accounting Workflow and Procedure
  • System-specific AfW or AMS360 Data Input Training
  • Accounting Assistance including data entry
  • Migrating to AMS360

When it is time to train new staff, or re-train existing staff, your agency needs a trainer who not only understands your software, but understands the insurance industry and how to use the AfW or AMS360 software in REAL LIFE.  It is natural to resist change, and agency staff can be very good at finding reasons NOT to use new features in the software, or features that may require a change in the way the agency processes business.  A trainer who has "been there" goes a long way to smoothing the transition to more efficient workflows and procedures.

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